Never forget

I never want to forget nights like this. A distinct youthfulness took charge as we walked aimlessly to the ocean, beers in hand (still novelty for me), laughing at everything and nothing all at once. It makes me feel dizzy with happiness. Cheap coastal motels with big views, terrible artworks, weird cleaning product smells, crisp sheets, individually wrapped Arnotts biccies devoured upon arrival. A thrice recommended Vietnamese restaurant was packed in this small town on a Friday night but takeaway eaten in the room went down better than we could have ever planned.

 Photos: Rachel Kara & Alex Tracey

the warmest colour

I found this collection a couple of weeks ago. It was a night where I could see a too busy week ahead, no creative projects, just demands and expectations and schedules and things that when laid out in front of me on a calendar in one big block make my heart a little panicky. I always come out more than fine the other's just the prospect, the imagining, the guessing of chaotically briefed jobs with unknown clients that do it to me. So I went looking for joy in photos and unintentionally found myself plucking at any bit of yellow I could find. Once I started looking, it was everywhere! The juice cart, the womens electric yellow outfits walking through that light around the Time & Life building, the cabs (of course), our meal, my drink, the flowers of the night we watched jazz in the park as the sun set, the rich and almost dirty yellow walls of Navy in Soho, The Halal Guys, the flesh of a peach, Nathans, traffic lights, the subway and a joyful progression of a golden sunset over the river. 
My heart is happy now. 

Photos: Rachel Kara in New York City with Nikkormat FT2 and Kodak Portra 400 

Lac Wallace Pt I


We drove for 8 hours. With every stop, every gas station, the increasing number of tall dark trees, lower lying clouds, wavering cell reception (and certainly no 3G), the small town McDonalds (with wood furnishings and those smooth brown brick tiles...yknow the ones?) - all signs we were getting closer to our final destination. The Lake. Oh the stories I'd heard of The Lake...peaceful mornings that started with pots of coffee and freshly baked bread, a summer camp down the road, the oldest of friends reunited, talking and sharing secrets until all hours of the morning, ALL the water sports, home cooked meals, family traditions and games and all that wonderful holiday togetherness that repeatedly visiting the same place over many years can bring, the stillness and beauty of the lake and the comforting chaos of a well loved cottage . That's what I'd heard and after a big week in the big apple I was so ready for this! 

Pt II to come


Photos: Shot on a Nikormat FT2 w Kodak Portra 400 by Rachel Kara (last shot by my protege, Emma Birdsall)